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I search several times but I couldn't find nothing that really helps me.

Basically I have a very VERY simple Theme which is working very well.

I also have a database with some IP's and depending by this IP I need to redirect the guest to different pages.

So on my template index.php file I added:

if ($country == "br") { 
    echo "case1";
} else {
    $location = bloginfo('template_url')."/index-nbr.php";
    echo $location;

       <script type="text/javascript">
          window.location= <?php echo "'" . $location . "'"; ?>;

I tried many different ways to redirect but none of them work. Could someone help me with this stuff?


Ok let me make your life easier.

Just install this plugin you will find a text box on the bottom of every page in PAGES section in Admin panel where you can put your desired link/URL of the page and that will redirect you to your inserted URL.

Page Link to Plugin

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