Wordpress - Page2 duplication

I'm having an issue with my WordPress theme and would be very grateful if anyone could help me resolve it.

The issue is Page2 is a duplicate of the homepage.

Website: http://www.ido.co.uk

Issue: add /page/2/ to above URL

Dirty fix is to 301 page2 however would rather work out whats wrong.

Pastebin of homepage - http://pastebin.com/MkMjnGpc

Thanks in advance for any help!


Your homepage displays the list of all posts. By default, wordpress allows to view old posts by creating urls like: /page/2 or /page/X. All of these urls essentially do what the homepage does.

Not knowing enough about your theme, I don't know how easy it would be to display this page as a static page as oppose to a list of all posts. So presumably, redirecting /page/X to the homepage is the easier solution for you...

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