Wordpress Customazation API section in section


I'm once again stuck with my Customizer API. How can I put my sections together in another Section/Folder (however you wana call it)? Like the standard Widget section:

Main Section Area Second Section Area

I have searched for this question/problem but haven't found anything.

Thanks in advance!


That is a Panel, the customizer contains three layers: panels contain sections, sections contain settings, and settings are the data that gets managed by the controls in the customizer UI.

  |      |--[setting] and his [control]
  |      |--[setting] and his [control]
  |      |--[setting] and his [control]
  |      |--[setting] and his [control]

Panel, Section, Setting, Control

Create a Panel and when creating the Sections pass the $id of the Panel to group them in the same Panel.

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