Wordpress child theme causes padding changes without modifications

Stewartside helped me use JQuery to create a specific function for my main navigation on my website (thanks again!). I created a child theme to add the changes to my header.php file and it has started to cause a weird layout change. My homepage should have 20px padding, which is NOT a special CSS modification, but the child theme automatically removes it. This doesn't happen with other pages on my site, just the homepage. I have also added/removed the jquery code to make sure that wasn't the problem; the style.css file for the child theme only has the "child theme" coding, no modified CSS.

Homepage: http://bostonirishclothing.com About Us: http://bostonirishclothing.com/about-us

Is there anything that would cause this?


Get the Firebug add on for your browser (available on Chrome and Firefox). Then right click the section that is causing the issue and you can see the coding and all the relevant CSS functions including the files they are in (to the chosen section). It will also show which CSS function is being prioritised compared to the other. Then you can modify the functions or add new ones to make it work.

A dirty way to do things is to use !important however this should only be used sparingly as it can screw with other pages. An easy way to avoid that is to make the CSS function for example .entry-content { color:#fff; } becomes .post-x .entry-content { color:fff!important; }

Test things out. Firebug is amazing help when editing CSS. You can even do some of the tests in firebug itself.

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