Wordpress Blog page aand category tags invisible 'white'

I've built a wordpress theme from scratch however style the bootstrap navigation to white text and brown text on selection - this appears to be overiding the a: visit and a: hover on everything i've tried to add a separate new a class for the H1 tags on the blog post page but it doesn't appear to work I've used.

    font-size: 22px;
    font-family:"Lato", arial, helvetica, sans serif;

a.h1blog:link{ color: #674922; text-decoration: none; }

a.h1blog:visited{ color: #666666; text-decoration: none; }

any help would be greatly appreciated i've even tried some class styling against the preset classes in wordpress but this doesn't work either?





Here's the problem:

<h1 class="h1blog"><a href="http://creative-media.info/WarringtonBonsai/test-3/">TEST 3</a></h1>

You have an <h1> element with the h1blog class, containing an <a> element that you're trying to style with this rule:

a.h1blog:link{ color: #674922; text-decoration: none; }

That won't work, because the <a> element doesn't have the h1blog class applied to it. Try this instead:

.h1blog a:link{ color: #674922; text-decoration: none; }
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