Woocommerce no result page not able to show featured products

In storefront theme, for no result in search page , I would like to show featured products in that view. So in /storefront/woocommerce/loop/no-product-found.php, ive added this code

<div class="site-main">

<?php echo do_shortcode('[products per_page="10" columns="3"]')?>

So when i search for something like "shoes",I was hoping wordpress to show no results and then goes on showing the featured products. However, I'm not able to show the featured products. When I check the query, its partly due to the page is in search where there is a query searching for the product name which is "shoes". Is there a way to exclude that in any queries for search page? If that makes any sense


The shortcode you tried to use is incorrect.

The shortcode for featured products is:

echo do_shortcode('[featured_products limit="3"]');

Note: you could also pass it a limit.

woocommerce shortcodesDocs

Other related shortcodes:

For products on sale:

echo do_shortcode('[sale_products]');

For popular products:

echo do_shortcode('[best_selling_products]');

For top rated products:

echo do_shortcode('[top_rated_products]');

For recent products:

echo do_shortcode('[recent_products]');

Since you're using storefront theme, it has a 404 page which shows featured products and Popular Products etc. by default! You don't have to change/modify any of its templates. However, if you're overridding storefront with woocommerce templates then you could go ahead and manipulate any template you want using the shortcodes i just gave you!

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