What's a quick and dirty way to get "lapsed" members in WordPress configured with s2Member?

I have a default installation of WordPress configured with the membership management plugin known as s2Member. What is a quick and dirty way to return an array of "lapsed" members?

I assume this information is hidden somewhere in the user's metadata.


You can search for the "demoted" note that s2Member logs:

$lapsedMembers = $wpdb->get_results(
            DISTINCT (`u`.`ID`),
            `u`.`display_name`    `name`,
            `u`.`user_email`      `memberemail`,
            `u`.`user_registered` `enrollmentdate`,
            `um`.`meta_value`     `lapsereason`
            {$wpdb->users} u
            LEFT JOIN {$wpdb->usermeta} um ON u.ID = um.user_id
            um.meta_key = %s
            AND um.meta_value LIKE % s
    ", 'wp_s2member_notes', '%Demoted%'),
Tags: PHP / Mysql / Wordpress

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