What is the "standard method" for administrate this Wordpress layout?

I was thinking about creating a Wordpress theme that has a layout similar to this: http://themeforest.net/item/salient-responsive-multipurpose-theme/full_screen_preview/4363266. This is quite a common layout for many websites and I wonder how I should handle all the fields from the administrations panel.

For example, in the first white block on this page there are four elements. What is each element here? A page or a widget or some custom admin settings for this theme? Which is the best way to handle the administration of all those custom fields?


On that particular page, each of those four elements is a div. These are probably set in a Theme Options section of the dashboard.

However, a widgetised area with four text widgets would be far easier to set up, and almost as easy to manage in the backend for the site user.

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