What is "helpx_last_check" from wordpress database

I am a developer who works full time with wordpress and I came across something in my database which I have never seen before. I tried the normal search engine approach and have found nothing. Wondering if the wonderful people of stackoverflow have seen this before. I am pretty sure it isn't harmful. This is the entry in the mysql database.

Table is "_options"

option_id: 1165
blog_id: 0
option_name: helpx_last_check   
option_value: 1276628545    
autoload: yes

I am specifically wondering what "helpx_last_check" is. Thanks


Do you (or did you) have the MapPress Easy Google Maps plugin installed? This includes some helpx plugin options, but I haven't investigated what they check. If it's not this plugin, search your code for a class called helpx, maybe others use it too.

Tags: Mysql / Wordpress

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