What a different between switch and if while looping form on theme options

I want to know what is good practice for loop a form option in theme options.

Example I found some of coders use switch

switch $value['type']
case 'text':
case 'select':
case 'textarea':
case "radio":
case "checkbox":

also some of them use IF

if $value['type'] = text
else if $value['type'] = select
else if $value['type'] = textarea
else if $value['type'] = radio
else if $value['type'] = checkbox

What a different between these?


It basically boils down to readability; Switches are easier to read than a bunch of else if's.

Your question is of a general programming nature, e.g. how to write PHP and not related to theme options strictly spoken.

So unless you don't provide any wordpress related information why you ask that, I think a little read of the PHP manual is good for a starter - next to doing some basic googling.

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