Upgrading a theme

I have an already functional wordpress site. But I would like to make some changes to the grid.css and HTML file that I created for the theme I am using on the site. I tried editing the file in the dashboard but couldn't find the grid.css. What's the easiest way to do this. Do I have to copy all my files up grade them then install the new theme in wordpress?


You can always edit files directly in your theme folder, just like the dashboard does. If you have FTP/SCP/SFTP access to your site, give notepad++ with nppFTP or a similar tool a try.

If you have no direct access to your wordpress installation, you can use WPEditor which runs as a wordpress plugin by itself. It does some comfortable code highlighting, too.

Maybe that grid.css related to the some plugin? Then go to the dashboard - plugins - editor. On the right side u can coose plugin and check files.

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