Updated Wordpress site url but hyperlinks are still unchanged

I updated two site urls in the database. However, hyperlinks such as Top Menu are still redirecting to the old site. Any idea what it is? I'm new to WP. Thanks.

update_option('siteurl', 'http://example.com');  
update_option('home', 'http://example.com');


<a <?php if( $item->hasLinkClasses() ) : ?>class="<?php echo $item->getLinkClasses(); ?>"<?php endif;?> <?php if( $item->hasLink() ) : ?>href="<?php echo $item->getLink();?>"<?php endif;?> <?php if( $item->getTarget() ) : ?>target="<?php echo $item->getTarget();?>"<?php endif;?> <?php if( $item->hasLinkAttribs() ) : ?> <?php echo $item->getLinkAttribs(); ?><?php endif;?>>

            <?php if ($item->getLevel() == 0) : ?>
            <span class="rt-item-border"></span>


search check your database for this url is changed or not. static url will work same on server or localhost.

The best option is (I've used it several times) to use DATABASE SEARCH AND REPLACE SCRIPT IN PHP to update the urls in database because there are urls saved in database that needs to be changed. Download that script and follow the instruction on the site INSTALLATION & USE about the usage.

You have to upload it to your root directory of WordPress installation and run the script using something like http://example.com/searchandreplace.php, you should rename it before you upload it to your server.

Important: Once you use it then must remove the script from your server.

Tags: PHP / Wordpress

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