Tempate not displayed on the page attribute section while adding or editing the pages

I have used wordpress and there is a section page attributes which includes Parent, Template and order. What my problem is i am not being able to see the templates to select while adding the pages. One problem is that the current theme is not displayed and it shows nothing on Current theme. I have two themes and both listed as not used themes.

The server i have used is IIS server. Is there anyway i can solve this issue? Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Maybe this wasn't clear, but with the Template select box on the Edit Page screen, you select one template in your current theme, you can't just switch to another theme here. This is explained in the documentation on creating new Pages, which also has information and examples on creating new templates.

If you have a problem with your theme, try re-activating it by selecting another theme and then your theme again. Make sure to enable debugging to see error messages that might otherwise be hidden.

Tags: Iis / Wordpress / Templates

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