Running a long conditional on the wordpress loop to display certain posts

I'll try and keep this simple.

I need to write a conditional that allows the user to either have 3 posts from one CPT or 1 from each CPT displaying on the homepage.

I have 3 CPT's and 1 taxonomy in each one. Each taxonomy has 3 terms -> homeone, hometwo, homethree

these will be what the user selects to make that post appear on the homepage.

display post in the first loop | homeone = first loop
display post in the second loop | hometwo = second loop
display post in the third loop | homethree = thirdloop

So far to achieve wanted result I've written this but am yet to debug or test it as my knowledge of php is still lacking.

The website I'm working on the 3 images with text underneath are what I'm going to be changing


I would suggest using WP_Query to fine tune the query rather than using if statements and outputting the default wordpress loop.

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