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I got a site on wordpress and I want to disable any possible URLs to access/post info on it except some legal. I printed $wp_rewrite->rewrite_rules() (or something like that, I got no code now to point at exactly) and see many paths which are accessible from outside.

Are there any other ways to determine all paths available on my site? Maybe there's a nice tool to use or doc about that?


There is no rewrite table in Wordpress like you might see in other CMS platfroms. The rewrite URLs are generated dynamically based on your permalink settings and the slug/meta for a given post. If you are trying to find a list of the URLs you should probably try a sitemap generating plugin before writing something yourself.

If you are trying to find a list of the rules that Wordpress is using you can simply use the rewrite_rules_array filter like so:

function dump_rewrites($rules){
add_filter('rewrite_rules_array', 'dump_rewrites');

This will exit the PHP process and print the rules on the webpage.

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