Only display element during specific article

I am creating a single page scrolling site that has a few articles with fixed backgrounds and fixed items to be displayed only during that article. I am currently the fixed element based on pixels scrolled (as below)

$(document).scroll(function() {
$('#portslider').toggle($(this).scrollTop() < 4295);

I thought that this solved my problem of only wanting to show the fixed elements only each in their own article. However once I started working on making the site responsive I realized this is was not going to work. A few of the other articles need to change length based on screen width, which changes the pixel length where all of the items would need to hide.

So the site looks great at screen size over 2300px and then as you shrink down and the articles change size the fixed elements (weddings, life, adventure, etc...) are no longer hiding at the right scroll length.

A few ideas that I thought of but have not been able to figure out how to proceed with:

  1. Can I with Jquery have the item display only within a certain article using the id instead of pixels scrolled?

  2. Or can is there a way to use media queries on the above code to change the pixel length at different screen sizes?

You can view the site here: (still under construction and there is a lot not completed yet, best view in firefox so far)



Assuming you have a DOM like:

     <article id="article1">[article in here]</article>
     <article id="article2">[article in here]</article>

(these could be <div> tags as well...), you can do something like this to set the toggle at the correct height no matter what. (You might have to tweak the pixels based on box model, padding, margins, etc):

     $('#portslider').toggle($(this).scrollTop() < $('#article2').css('top'));

This way, no matter what the pixel position of the "top" of the article is, #portslider will appear correctly. (You might need to listen to window.resize events too...)

Tags: Javascript / Jquery / Html

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