Migrating table contents to the other table and changing the rules of the game Mysql

I'm stuck yet again with mysql :)

My issue is simple/complicated at the same time.

I prepared dataset which contains columns: user_id, user_email, user_country .......

I need to import/insert this into wp_usermeta table.

wp_usermeta has following columns:

umeta_id (autoincrement), user_id, meta_key, meta_value

So from my dataset, user_id should be user_id, user_email and user_country become meta_keys and their content meta_values.

In the end I expect to get this:

user_id   meta_key        meta_value
12        user_country    Italy
12        user_email      [email protected]

From the lack of correct word for this, I'm trying to "deconstruct" dataset.

Possible with mysql? or should I do php script that will do this for me?


I believe you're looking to do this with a php loop.

Create a query within your script that grabs all of the rows you're looking to bring over.

And then do a while loop that traverses over the results and within that you can do a foreach loop that pulls out the key and value.

Look at the PHP manuel for mysqli_fetch_array. Also, look at this example in particular.

Tags: Mysql / Wordpress

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