Locating or Establishing MySQL UN and PW after uploading .sql file via phpMyAdmin (Wordpress)

I've uploaded a .sql file via phpMyAdmin with success. I am currently using a different table in my Wordpress installation, but would like to switch it to the table/.sql file I just uploaded.

I know in the wp-config.php file I need to update the following to reflect the new file I uploaded:

define('DB_NAME' 'name goes here') - I've got this

define('DB_USER' 'usernamegoeshere') - need to find/establish

define('DB_PASSWORD' 'passwordgoeshere') - need to find/establish

My question is: where do I find or establish a username and password associated with the new db file I uploaded? Do I use the exisiting username and password from the current db in use?

Just a little confused.


You uploaded sql file and imported it to database.

For connect to this database you should use same username and password what you use for phpMyAdmin login.

Tags: PHP / Mysql / SQL

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