Is there a way to target images in a directory based on names?

I am redesigning a site that is built using WordPress. I have updated the theme, added customization, etc - but, there are tons of pages for each publication volume which have a cover image, all of which have no class or id added. I'm not sure how they were imported from the static old static version of the site, and I have no way on contacting the previous developers.

The images all begin with "Vol-" in the image name, so is there a way to target these images in order to added a class and resize them? I'd like to apply a class to these specifically instead of going through literally hundreds of pages to do so. Is this possible with jQuery?

One caveat, if it matters: they are contained within a table, with a figure image beside it.



You can target such image with selector "Attribute SRC begins with Vol-": img[src^="Vol-"]. The styling can be done in pure CSS, e.g.

img[src^="Vol-"] {
    border:solid 1px blue


If you prefer to use jQuery, same selector can be used as jQuery selector. Note that if actual attribute does not begin with "Vol-", for example it's something like <img src="http://mysite/folder/vol-15.png" /> you can target selector "Attribute SRC contains Vol-": img[src*="Vol-"]

Tags: Jquery / Css / Wordpress

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