How to set one page to not use blog posts, and use whats displayed under page

I recently upgraded wordpress and my theme. Turns out most likely the developer had some things in the parent files that were overwritten during the upgrade. Before, the page was using what was displayed in the Visual/Text under the page settings, but now it's defaulting to posts, and not showing anything else. I've been looking around trying to find the answer, and the closest I could find was by:

changing the wordpress function the_content(); in page.php (or index.php if the theme does not ahve the page.php)

Am I on the right track, or is there a setting some place I can uncheck so it does not use the blog posts on the page?

I am very new to wordpress, and have been unable to get ahold of the dev.


when you are looking at your dashboard, go to Pages > Features and then check to see on the right sidebar in the Page Attributes box if there is an option for a Template.

Some Themes come with templates that you can just select right on the page back end so you might see something like blog in that section. Just change it to default template and it should return that page to a static page and you can then add your changes right there from the page edit screen instead of messing with the code in the backend.

Let me know if this helps.

Tags: PHP / Css / Wordpress

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