How to get the "About" information to display when creating a Wordpress theme?

I am developing a custom Wordpress theme and I need a space where I can display the about information. When I say the about information I mean information about the particular blog or site, not about the theme or me as a developer.

For example if the theme was applied to a blog for a hot dog stand the about information would say "We are Hot Dogs Empire, established in 1991 in Greenville ...".

I know there are a few wordpress theme functions like get_header and get_footer, I'm wondering if there is a function like this that would allow me to write my template for the theme so that whenever it is applied to a blog the blogs about information will be displayed in a certain space?



You can do this with wordpress settings API

Description from wordpress:

The Settings API allows admin pages containing settings forms to be managed 
semi-automatically. It lets you define settings pages, sections within those 
pages and fields within the sections.

You can achieve this if the blog description is set:

$bloginfo = get_bloginfo( "description", "raw" );

This returns the "Tagline" set in Settings > General. This data is retrieved from the blogdescription record in the wp_options table.

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