How to deactivate chrono set in batch with WordPress

So I have activated 3200 chronos in total which I'd like to deactivate as the server can't handle it.

Where should I go to deactivate these on the database or with a function that might deactivate this or what would the right direction be.

This was the kind of activation I did in batch:


and there is that function also myfunc_global_update1

now the functions will be deleted from the file in which those events got registered, scheduled however it is it works.

But will that be enough ? I don't know how this all works too well.

All of the information I find is related to setting the chronos, but not unsetting.


What you are talking about is wp_cron and related functions, not "chrono" which is a C# library (I think).

I believe that what you need is wp_clear_scheduled_hook which "Un-schedules all previously-scheduled cron jobs using a particular hook name."

Tags: PHP / Mysql / Wordpress

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