How one category can have different fields?

I am new in WordPress but before I worked with Drupal and it is different and I am a little confusing now.

I am going to make a website for a travel agency, and one of the categories that they have is hotel. That is list of hotels that should sort by name of cities. then when I click on one city's link, they want to show the list of hotels of that city sort by their rating.

I really don't know a lot about WordPress and I get confusing, and I don't know what should I do.

I want to have a category that is about hotels, and let the editor of website to post a hotel and fill out some different fields about hotel. fields like stars, city, country, address ...

In Drupal, that was easier by views, but I like to learn WordPress and the website should be in WordPress. In Drupal it is really easy to add custom fields

Please show me a way and I need your help


The very very rough guess at what data architecture for it might look in WordPress would be:

  • hotel is a Custom Post Type (individual items of something)
  • city is a term of custom taxonomy (group of items)
  • stars and similar data are custom fields (specific data attached to items)

However there are numerous nuances in all of this, which is WP development essentially consists of. :)

WP also isn't particularly helpful about building UIs for custom things. Taxonomies more or less have UI provided, but with custom fields you are mosly on your own. On other hand there are dozens of third party frameworks around that aim to help with building out just that.

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