how do i prevent a nav plugin from duplicating itself in wordpress

Someone please help, I'm loosing it, I have started creating a website using different themes, and i needed to add a second menu, so i did. Now, this menu has manifested as a sticky menu at the top of the page and also as a static in the header. Ive gotten it to disappear from the header on several occasions by finagling with the code, but i don't know how i did it, and it eventually keeps coming back. Can someone please assist me in removing the menu from the header, so it is just a sticky at the top of the page?

the site is

Just click on a link, it will show up. If not its still messed up, take my word for it please.

On a lighter note, in the about page and the philosophy page, how do i get the pictures to resize and fit within the lines in a mobile atmosphere.

Please help me...


The menu you have is a premium plugin called stripe by bonfire , not a theme. In order to let it go you will need to deactivate the plugin.

It is a bit strange that you are using such a plugin which is a paid premium one without realising what it is doing ..

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