How can i search for same value of different row from one single query on MySQL

I have this table 'post_meta'

post_id name        value
87      my_keyname1 randval1
87      my_keyname2 randval2

I want to search for 2 different row and wants to return a single post_id. I know all the values of the 'name' and 'value' and i want to satisfy my query that i get the same post_id with 2 different 'name' and 'value' row.


If you filter the table only for the records of interest and then group by post_id, your desired results are those groups that contain exactly two distinct records:

SELECT   post_id
FROM     post_meta
WHERE    (name = 'my_keyname1' AND value = 'randval1')
      OR (name = 'my_keyname2' AND value = 'randval2')
GROUP BY post_id
HAVING   COUNT(DISTINCT name, value) = 2

Should it be guaranteed that the name or value of each record within a group is unique, you can replace COUNT(DISTINCT name, value) with COUNT(*) for better performance.

SELECT DISTINCT post_id FROM post_meta
WHERE (name = 'my_keyname1' AND value = 'randval1')
OR (name = 'my_keyname2' AND value = 'randval2');
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