how can i import an existing site's user table, where password not encrypted?

I have an existing site, which is okay, but due to cms feature I want to convert existing php site to word-press. My problem is that how can i keep alive existing users data like user-id and password in word-press user table ?? the passwords are not in wp format, but I want the existing users also remain there.

please help me in this regard



  • it's just the password you're having problems with, and
  • you're not using a custom wp_check_password function

you should be able to get away with setting it using the mysql md5() function. It'll get updated to use a PHPass hash the first time the user logs in, but that shouldn't be a problem.

The code in question is in wp_check_password in wp-includes/pluggable.php - it includes the comment:

// If the hash is still md5...

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