How can I designate a comment box in WordPress to use a particular plugin

I have a plugin installed on my wordpress blog that takes the email address and message and creates a new user on my other CMS platform. Problem is this effects all comment boxes. I want to re-work this plugin to check if its on a particular page if so some values would be different. If not then proceed like usual.

function ifcj_createUser_SFI($comment_id) {

# determine commenters email
global $wpdb;
$sql = "SELECT comment_author_email FROM $wpdb->comments WHERE comment_ID = $comment_id";

$userEmail = $wpdb->get_var($sql);

if ( $userEmail == NULL ) {
    return false;

# pull in class file
require( ABSPATH . 'class.convio_api.php');

# create instance and connection with convio, ALWAYS REQUIRED
$c = new ConvioAPI('site_id=xxx&api_key=xxxxxx&[email protected]&login_password=xxxxx');

# add user to groups/interests (this can be done when creating the user also)

return true;



Thanks in advance.


Use conditional tags:

Here is how you would test for a certain page:


if ( is_page( '2' ) ) {
    return false;
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