formatting error on local wordpress installation

I had to install a backup (mysql dump & apache document-root tgz) of a wordpress website on my local linux laptop and after setting it all up I notized strange formatting erros on my local installation ... text content like this:

[/span6] [/row] [row] [span4] [hero_unit title="The Best Business Ideas & Solutions" 
text="Masagni dolores eoquie voluptatequnt. Niquerro quisquam estqui dolorem sumquia 
dolor sitamet conetase adipisci unumquam eius. Basmodi temporaunt, ut laboreas dolore 
magnam aliquam." btn_text="read more" btn_link="http://test.localhost/et-sit-amet-euismod-
in-auctor-ut-ligula-aterse/etiam-dictum-egestas/" btn_style="primary" btn_size="normal" 
target="_self"] [/span4] [span1] [spacer] [/span1] [span7] [title_box title="Company 
Profile"] [row_in] [span3] 

I'm quite new to wordpress but guess there must something missing (apache plugin?) on my local installation but I have no clue ... anyone of you?

Thanks, max


Looks like a plugin is missing (a WordPress plugin, not an apache one). Is it grid-shortcodes?

If it is, simply download the plugin, unzip it to the wp-content/plugins directory and active the plugin from the WordPress admin.

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