Escaping data before import into database

I have a function in a WordPress plugin that takes a csv file and reads the data into a MySQL database table. Works fine except the raw data is not properly escaped and apostrophes cause issues. My code is below. How can I fix this issue?

if (($handle = fopen($file_url, "r")) !== FALSE) {
$j = -1;
while (($data = fgetcsv($handle, 1000, $delimiter)) !== FALSE) {
foreach($data as $i => $content) {
    $data[$i] = $data[$i];
$wpdb->query( "INSERT INTO games ( id, game_id, date, time, field, hteamno, vteamno, hcoach, vcoach, division, friendly, pool ) VALUES('" . implode("','", $data) . "') ");





You could use $wpdb->prepare() with placeholders of the appropriate types (eg %s for string) to prepare your SQL string.

Or you could use $wpdb->insert(), which also allows placeholders, leaving WordPress to do the work.

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