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i have a custom site in homepage have problem of post excerpt with max 35 word, now i want eliminate this limitation, after search in varius file the limitation and after individuate i have changed the (35) with big number, the post increase the number of caracter but on last have the dot (...) alternative of "readmore" now i want erase also this but not indivduate this, how eliminate this limitation ???

this site use advanced custom field and Custom Post Type UI version: 0.8.3

the home have 2 file

1) home 2 home video

this is a file :!



Slightly hard to follow you here, but from the file you posted there is a line:

$excerpt = implode(" ",$excerpt)."...";

Change it to:

$excerpt = implode(" ",$excerpt);

Edit - Corrected line, should work now.

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