css list on Wordpress being defined differently then I want it to for a section, how can I fix it?

I am using wordpress. I have a theme that is overwriting the lists.

So I guess I need to add my own class for lists.

I added a new div tag before I started my lists, but I guess I am still inside the other div tag that the system uses.

So how do I redeclare what I want the lists to do?

I just want them to be normal.

So I can add a custom div to the style.css that the theme calls.

I just don't know what I need to force the css to say.

For example in the css I could do:

.clearList as the name of the new div then define the lists to be normal, but how do I do that?

Then in the HTML I could just do:

<pre><div id="clearList">

<ul style="list-style-type: circle;">
<li>all the HTML</li>
<li>with lists here</li>


Anyone know what I mean and how to do it? thanks, Richard


You want to set the list styles for each div you're using, so you can have various list styles depending on the particular list.

 div.clearlist li { /* some style */ }

as well as that, you might want to style the child elements

 div.clearlist > ul li { /* some style */ }

You can repeat this with other divs, should you wish.

Tags: Css / Wordpress

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