Create a array of array keys within a serialised array.

I am querying a WP DB to get the following:

userid collection_name collection_data (serialized array)

I run the following foreach loop:

foreach($result as $row){
$cleandata = unserialize($row->collection_data);

The print_r of $cleandata gives me the following arrays:

[7] => Array
        [ExerciseID] => 7
        [Description] => Description?!
        [Sets] => 12
        [Reps] => 12
        [Load] => 12
        [Rest] => 12
        [Tempo] => 12


From this I need to create an array of ExerciseID's so I can put them into the following WP_query.

$the_query = new WP_Query(array('post__in' => $ids, 'post_type' => 'exercise','posts_per_page' =>'4000')); ?>

I have tried running another foreach within the foreach $result as $row however I am getting pretty stuck with it.

Many thanks in advance.


Try this-

$ids = array();
foreach($result as $row)
  $cleandata = unserialize($row->collection_data);

  foreach($cleandata as $data)
      $ids[] = $data['ExerciseID'];

If you don't have PHP >= 5.5 and so can't use array_column(), then use

$result = array_map(
    function($value) { 
        return $value['ExerciseID'];
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