Could a cacheing plugin cause css not to edit?

I'm working on a wordpress theme previously coded by another developer. I had some trouble migrating it to another server because of a cache plugin called memcache and now I'm not able to remove a body background from this css file. The developer made two instances where he called a body background image in style.css and master.css. I changed the background even deleted the old one and its still not changing. I Cleared my cache several times even tried it on another machine. I checked it on developer tools and it shows up on 2 different style sheets both of them I changed only 1 is crossed out. If i uncheck that style in developer tools it removes it but I can't figure out why it's not changing. Could a cacheing system the previous developer installed be the issue here?


Try disabling the cache or clearing it from the server. It is the style.css is cached with the server and pulling from there, with higher expirations dates and serving it away from querying the database on every visit. This is a common problem with any caching plugin for Wordpress.

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