Change default category tab selection

I'm working on my university program's website and can't seem to make this change they want. If you visit you will see that "All Courses" is activated by default, when I'd like Fall 2014 to be the default. I've tried using jQuery to addClass "active" but it only changes the appearance (gives a red background to the Fall 2014 tab), doesn't update the page with only Fall 2014 courses.

<ul id="filters" class="clearfix">
<?php wp_list_categories(array('order' =>'DESC', 'title_li' => '', 'taxonomy' => 'course_semester', 'walker' => new Works_Walker())); ?>
<li><a href="#" data-filter="*" class="active"><?php _e('All Courses', 'framework'); ?></a></li>

Any bright ideas?


try adding this: jQuery('a[data-filter=".term39"]').click()

Tags: Jquery / Wordpress

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