Adding plugin to sidebar file in WordPress

So im in the middle of creating a site with WordPress but now Im stuck at the sidebars. In sidebar.php-file I have added some text and CSS rules as a test and they are shown at the site as a sidebar. However, I want to show the forum's latest posts in this sidebar instead. Im using a plugin called "tt post viewer". I tested it out on a page at the site and it shows me the latest post. But im not sure what code I should add to the sidebar.php-file so that the plugin print the latest post at the sidebar. And if it's possible?

Would be grateful if anyone could help me out.


yours sincerely, Winterwind


You don't need to add code to the sidebar. Make sure your sidebar is wdiget-ready and just drag and drop the widget in the Wordpress Backend into your sidebar.

Tags: PHP / Jquery / Html

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