Add spacebar in WP List Table Search

I would like to add spacebar %20 or + on the redirect URL in the search, how can I do that with the add_query_arg?

function bulk_search() {
    $redirect_to = add_query_arg( array( 's' => $_POST['s'] ), $_POST['_wp_http_referer']);
    wp_redirect( $redirect_to );

With the function above, if in the search box I keyed in "Hello World" it would return the search with &s=helloworld on the URL instead of &s=hello+world

Thank you in advance.


function bulk_search() {
    $redirect_to = add_query_arg( array( 's' => urlencode($_POST['s']) ), $_POST['_wp_http_referer']);
    wp_redirect( $redirect_to );

Realised by adding urlencode() function would do.

Tags: Plugins

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