Accessing different image copy based on which div image is in

So i used my own tweak of to create different copies of the same image to be displayed on different posts.

So lets say i have 2 image div sizes.

a) 100*100 
b) 10*10

So if an image lies in div a. the copy optimized (lies in a directory on the server)for 100*100 div needs to be accessed

For more clarity, say images for a lies in uploads/a/ and for b in /images/b. Any help?

Is it even feasible to do this?


<div class="a">
    <img src="/images/image-100.jpg">

<div class="b">
    <img src="/images/image-10.jpg">

If I got you right, that's what you want! Cheers

Tags: Html / Css / Wordpress

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